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Transitional Housing of Steele County is an interfaith nonprofit organization. Our mission is to respond to people with housing needs in Steele County, Minnesota. Transitional Housing began in 2000. It started as a meeting of concerned people, including leaders of local churches, who wanted to end homelessness in Steele County. The group carefully considered the best way to serve the homeless population and decided to adopt the transitional housing approach. Transitional Housing has proudly served the homeless, and those who are in danger of becoming homeless, ever since.

Over 500 people are homeless in Steele County on any given night, including small children and families. Some live in abject poverty and abusive relationships, while others live in their cars or might be fortunate enough to have temporary housing with friends or in shelters. Homelessness is often hidden, but it is still there.

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How We Help

Transitional Housing serves people who become homeless by helping them to locate affordable housing and by providing the first month’s rent and deposit for rental housing. We continue to support families and individuals in need through rent subsidies based on a sliding scale for up to 2 years. We also provide case management on a regular basis with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency for each of our clients. Finally, Transitional Housing also provides eviction prevention assistance as a one-time cash grant, paid directly to the landlords, for those in danger of becoming homeless due to eviction from their current rental housing.

Who We Are

Transitional Housing of Steele County is led by a volunteer board of directors that includes local professionals from all walks of life. Our office is staffed by a full-time executive director, a full-time case manager, a part-time case manager, and a part-time administrative assistant.

Our Funding Sources

Transitional Housing of Steele County is funded through grants from the Office of Economic Opportunity, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Office on Violence Against Women, the Otto Bremer Trust, the WCA Foundation, and the Jennings Foundation. We also receive funding from the United Way of Steele County, Steele County Human Services, local churches, corporations, corporate foundations, and generous individual contributors. Complete list of sponsors and agency partners can be found here.

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