In 2019

  • 251 people were housed by Transitional Housing.

  • 102 were adults.

  • 149 were children.

  • Half were fleeing abusive homes.

  • Many were disabled.

  • Many were single parents.

  • All were living in poverty.

  • Transitional Housing helped 28 families to remain in housing by preventing their evictions.

Boy's Portrait

In 2020

  • Transitional Housing provided emergency motel vouchers for five-night stays for 25 families homeless due to Covid-19. 

  • Provided one-time rental assistance for an additional 26 families at risk for homelessness due to Covid-19. 

  • Every month, an average of 30 families are turned away due to a lack of funding.

  • The agency received 368 phone calls or personal visits from families or individuals who were homeless or were at risk of becoming homeless.  The agency responded by assisting in referrals, navigation and advocacy.